What's it? who knows?

I started a project to understand how TCP/IP works.
So i started developing a web-server. Then it evolved in a web server which can also send .mp3 files.
It's quite rough: it simply waits for a connection, then it sends the file requested in 32Kb chops.If the file is bigger than a specifyed amount of Kbytes, it forks its-self and waits for other requests while it sends the previous file.
It can log the connections in a file or show what it is doing (if you start the program with the '-log' or '-debug' options).You can also decide on wich port it has to wait for connections.
if (in a browser) you request cmd:ls it will send the contents for the directory in wich it is. If you request an mp3 with XMMS or something like it (eg. mpg123 (my favourite!!)) you can listen to what you asked....
That's all folks. It can be used to listen to yours mp3 files around the net....

Here are some shots :)
start screen
sending an MP3