Mon Aug 19,2002

Started project Web_server, a web server which is also a shoutcast-server under GPL.

Thu Oct 03,2002

Version 0.0.2 has come!
improved security: you can see only the files and sub-directories in the main directory.
automatic search for (index.htm || index.html) when you request a dir address.
cmd_ls can show you the contents of every sub-dir: just add cmd:ls to the dir address.
less caos: mklstxt, rmlstxt, converter, (my) unix2dos & dos2unix are in the bin/ dir
added -forkon:size && (--help || -h) command line options.
Site updated.... (just take a look on download && what's it ....)

Tue Oct 15,2002

Version 0.0.3
There was a problem in the command cmd:ls, FIXED.
Added copyright and author in help screen.
Fixed site (with ie there were some errors)

Tue Oct 31,2002

Version 0.0.4
Directory listing with an internal function instead of scripts!! thanks to Beniamino Galvani
Added struct for storing the request, the client user-agent, etc.
Fixed code to support new struct.
Removed scripts and bin/ dir.
Added data/ dir with images used in directory listing.
Listing in html if asked by a browser, else in text-mode.

Tue Nov 12,2002

Version 0.0.5
Fixed code.
Updated struct used to store the request.
Added support for (pseudo) CGI-BIN.
Added enviroment variable wsmp3_rootDIR.
Added styles.css in (html) directory listing.
Added --happymode command line option.
Added menu for telnet connections.

Fri Nov 15,2002

Version 0.0.6
Heavily fixed code.
Improved support for (pseudo) CGI-BIN.
Added enviroment variable wsmp3_accepted (links control...).
Added configuration file ~/.wsmp3rc || /etc/wsmp3rc || (PWD)/.wsmp3rc for enviroment variables.
Added cmd:ver for version requests.
Added alert message if program is started as root.
Logfile is now saved in the current dir (if it is inside ~/) or to ~/.
Removed data/ dir. Now "/data/file.jpg", "/data/directory.jpg", "/data/styles.css"  are three arrays in the source.
Added command line option --cmdls-follows to let the cmd:ls show the links pointing outside of wsmp3_rootDIR or wsmp3_accepted.
Added "ping-WsMp3?" request(for future search modes).

Fri Nov 22,2002

Version 0.0.7
Many bug-fixes on strcpy free, malloc, etc.
Removed (i hope) a problem which lets the program be exploited and gives root acces

Fri Nov 29,2002

Version 0.0.8
Divided the huge web_server.c file in many others ( improved read :) )
Added Makefile
Some minor-fixes.
Renamed tar.gz file as WsMp3-version.tar.gz

Fri Jan 10,2003

Version 0.0.9
Much time from the last relase....
Added -chatgui option.You can chat with other people using an X11 window. plz Try it.
This time you'll need gtk+ to compile.
REALLY improved code!!! used pipes for process communications, signal handling, ecc.

Thu Feb 06,2003

Version 0.0.10
Fixed chat window.
Added -D option to execute the program as a daemon.
Some minor-fixes.

Help wanted!! help me in developing this (un)helpful application :)